Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Things are starting to come together

Things may have been quiet around here but it's another thing entirely in terms of the development work that's been going on since the last post!

I've finally got the Munro kml data imported (although I'm not dealing with quite as large a dataset as some people) into the database so I'm now going through the slightly laborious process of tidying it all up with help from the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia. This has definitely been the most time consuming part of the project so far as there's no easy way to automate the process and seeing as I've not yet built any kind of an admin system, I'm doing all of tidying up straight into the database using CocoaMySQL.

I did add a 'cool' feature last night however to take a break from plain old data entry, I added in OpenID support!

For those in the dark about OpenID it is, according to, "…a way for individuals to create identity online and use it anywhere OpenID is supported.", which basically means that when we launch you hopefully won't necessarily have to go through the rigmarole of signing up and entering the same data all over again for yet another website.

You might not realize it but you may already have an OpenID as one of your various online personas. If you have an AOL IM account or have a blog hosted at many providers (including LiveJounal, TypePad, WordPress, and many more).

Seeing the OpenID authentication in action for the first time was quite an eye opener, all I had to do was enter the domain for my OpenID and then the code went off and checked for authentication, asked me to verify if I wanted the allow the site access to my profile and then brought back my nickanme and registered email address and registered them on my site. All from just typing in one url and one password. Nice.

I would be remiss to not mention the guide and code that I followed to get OpenID working so a big word of thanks goes out to Ben Curtis for his walkthrough on getting OpenID running on top of the Restful Authentication plugin. I'll still need to do a fair bit of tweaking to get it ready for production but as far as scaffolding a quick solution goes the guide is spot on.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

It's been quiet around here

Hi all, I know things have been incredibly quiet around here for the past couple of weeks, especially with the entire main site going offline!

I was in the process of moving hosting provider (the site is now running on the rather excellent SliceHost shared hosting provider) when a whole load of things in Real Life got in the way and stopped me from just porting everything straight over onto the new host.

Anyway, I have been doing a little bit of work on the site today with the help of my good friend Cam which has kickstarted some proper development work on the site again.

I have a distinct feeling that if the weather keeps up as it has been recently I'll bve doing quite a lot of work on the site since it'll be just too wet and miserable to be worth venturing outside for any length of time!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Welcome to My Munros!

Hello and welcome to the My Munros Blog!

Over the coming months we'll be kepeing this blog updated with the latest goings on and happening on the site as well as any other news or events that we think you might find of interest as well.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for the first chances to join up (for free!) and try out the site.